Spring 2014 Product Release Recap

This past spring has been a productive one for us at eCommHub. Here’s a recap of our recent product releases:

1) An upgraded product linking engine to make it easier than ever to add your vendors into eCommHub.

2) More control over product linking to eliminate clutter from old vendor items

3) Expanded retrieval of information fields which will increase reporting accuracy.

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We’re Not the Only Ones Excited About eCommerce Backend Automation!

A few weeks ago, we were named one of the top venture capital deals of 2013 in Georgia. The article contains a ranked list of companies who had raised the largest investment rounds or had the largest exits in our state. Our $2.7M Series A in September broke on to the list at number 21.

While it’s an honor to be among such esteemed companies, there is something that we are more excited for than the capital we raised last year.

We’re excited about automating the ecommerce backend and forever relieving e-tailers of their spreadsheet wrangling responsibilities. Doing this requires going beyond the “point-solutions” that only deal with the “problem of the day.” Although it may seem that updating inventory, processing and routing orders and sending shipping confirmation emails are individual problems, they are in actuality, intimately related. We see them as pieces of the overall backend process that must be addressed every time a customer submits an order.

Automating the ecommerce backend requires that these individual point-solutions talk to each other. And that’s what we’re creating at eCommHub.

And it’s not just our investors who are excited about this. Since we completed our investment, we’ve had an outpouring of love from our customers about our platform and because we were #21 on the list, below are our 21 of our most recent reviews. We’ve taken them exactly as they are – no cherry-picking, editing or cropping – and we’d like to think they tell the story better than we could have ourselves, enjoy!


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Here’s to the visionaries: Richard Lazazzera of A Better Lemonade Stand

There’s no story that’s more compelling to me than one that starts with entrepreneurial vision.

When I was in college, the protagonists of those stories were intrepid software developers hacking away at something brilliant in their parent’s garage. They’d look (and probably smell) like stale-cheese from those sleepless nights. They would face a hard road to building a great product but if they could create anything significant enough to get on Techcrunch, they were made. Their multi-million dollar exit was a breath away.

Of course, I was wrong. But this blog post isn’t really about any of that.

The word “entrepreneur” has a strong bias towards software-entrepreneurship nowadays. But long before the buzz of social apps/tools/networks/analytics/doo-dads existed, entrepreneurs sold things. They engaged in commerce. And the mindset wasn’t “build something and they will come” but rather, “take a product to the market and sell it.”

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New Integration! eCommHub Lets You Sell Multichannel with Amazon Marketplace

The oft requested integration with Amazon Marketplace is finally here!

All kinds of ecommerce retailers – from those who use 3rd party fulfillment to those who dropship – sell their products on their shopping carts (such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, 3dCart) and on the Amazon marketplace. Managing inventory for even a single storefront is a lot of work, but when you’re selling multichannel, it becomes significantly more complex.

Lets say that you’ve just received an order on Amazon for items A,B,C and D. You need to now go into your shopping cart (Magento, for example) and individually deduct the quantities of items A, B, C and D. Keeping inventory levels the same on both storefronts can be torturous. You can say goodbye to your sleep.

With eCommHub’s new Amazon integration – this is no longer going to be difficult. Here’s what you need to know:



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Automate 3dcart inventory and orders with eCommHub’s latest integration!

Integrations with different shopping carts are heavily requested  by many of our customers both old and new, so eCommHub is pleased to announce our integration with 3dcart! This marks our fourth integration with a major shopping cart!

With 3dcart, existing customers looking to expand to new store fronts have the option of working with a great, easy-to-use shopping cart platform with a ton of built-in features. It’s also an exciting time to start using 3dcart considering they have a new version being released pretty soon.

What does 3dcart + eCommHub entail?


With eCommHub, current 3dcart users have the ability to manage inventory and automate the more tedious aspects of their eCommerce experience. Once connected, eCommHub will automatically import your products from 3dcart. Then, you’ll be able to add suppliers who provide dropshipping or third-party fulfillment into eCommHub as vendors. After that, eCommHub will do the heavy lifting of keeping your store’s inventory information (such as quantity and SKU) in sync with that of your suppliers, or what we call “vendors” in eCommHub. With respect to orders, eCommHub gives you either the ability to manually send them to suppliers or take care of that for you auto-magically! :)

For our current users not on 3dcart looking to experiment with different storefronts to expand operations, you now have the option to experience 3dcart! No need to make a new account though; since eCommHub is now multichannel, you can use your existing inventory with any new storefront you set up on 3dcart. And we encourage you to do so! The team at 3dcart has worked thoughtfully to come up with a suite of built-in features to make setting up your store easily…and with eCommHub, you can put it on autopilot™! The link to our app in 3dcart will be available soon, but in the meantime you can signup here.

About eCommHub

eCommHub is a platform for online retailers that don’t keep their own inventory, but instead rely on third-party vendors, drop-shippers, and fulfillment centers. The software integrates with the leading shopping cart platforms, like Shopify, Magento, and BigCommerce to seamlessly automate inventory management and order routing. With its easy self-service setup and affordable Pay as You Grow™ pricing, eCommHub users spend less time managing their online store, giving them more time to grow their business! Founded in 2011, eCommHub is backed by 500 Startups. eCommHub is headquartered in Atlanta, GA.

About 3dcart

3dcart is one of the most well-established names in e-commerce platforms for SMBs. While supporting thousands of successful online stores, 3dcart is a customizable solution that’s easy to customize, offers real-time shipping solutions, as well as SEO and social/mobile commerce options. 3dcart  was founded by Gonzalo Gil, who thought he would compile many of the commonly requested eCommerce features into a simple and affordable shopping cart. For more information, visit http://www.3dcart.com/.